Wildlife Photography Enthusiast
Bernhard Bekker (Photographer & Nature Guide)

"What can I say my love and passion for the bush must be shared with everyone willing to explore the African Bush"

I do not have a job but a lifestyle...

I have been in the bush working as nature and field guide since 2002 in Kruger National Park, and Sabi Sand before that I was working in Volkskas Bank as an Investment Broker but quickly relished my passion lied elsewhere. Working with international guests and showing them the beauty and amazing wildlife of our region is what I was born... words coming from a 92-year-old guest as she looked at an elephant for the first time in her life.

Photography plays a huge role in my daily life and as an enthusiastic wildlife photographer and gladly share my work with everyone.

I have been involved in Training anti-poaching Rangers via SAWC South African Wildlife College in South African and Angola. It is very important to understand the dangers from both sides animals and humans when travelling in the bush on foot and with a vehicle.

I and my Brother Hennie Bekker has created PKSafaris and so far it is a huge success story with many a traveller taken on safari in the Kruger National Park. Arno Pietersen & Quintin van der Merwe our permanent guides are both old colleagues of mine and we have been working together to expand the excellent service and both Safari and photographic safari products we have to offer in Kruger Park.

Wildlife YouTube video clips:
Have a look at our You Tube Wildlife Channel about 170 video clips filmed by Bernhard on Safari

Some of his photographs has been published in Magazines and News Papers.

Video Credits:
Some of Bernhard's video clips has been used on
National Geographic & Discovery Channel wildlife TV programs.
ON the Program on NatGeoWild - Caught in the act a interview about a Leopard & Wild dog sighting he witnessed was show on National Geographic.